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Exchange activity between School and Tang Limin and his party of Avic Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group


      Tang Limin the manager of numerical control plant of Avic Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group limited company, researcher-level senior engineer, specialist of major national science and technology special core group ”advanced numerical control machine and basic manufacturing equipment”, deputy head of major unit, expert of national mechanical facility evaluation, special expert of avic industrial digitalized manufacturing technique and his party came to our school for exchange and communication.
     Manager Tang Limin made a vivid, lively and erudite academic report on forefronts relevant to airplane structural numerical-controlled processing technique. The report analyzed in detail the current situation of aviation manufacturing industry in our country, characteristics of airplane’s structural parts, manufacturing and equipping status of airplane structural part, technique forefronts of airplane structural part processing and so forth. He also pointed out three orientations of aviation manufacturing industry. The report lasted one and a half hours and all seats were occupied.
After the report, professor Zhou Zhongrong the assistant of president of SWJTU, head of School of Mechanical Engineering and Changjiang Scholar had a further talk with manager Tang and his party over the further cooperation, who discussed the 2011 collaborative and innovative scheme training program led by Tsinghua University and that joined by SWJTU, Chengdu Aircraft Corporation and Guizhou Liyang Aviation. They also discussed the cooperation mode of two parties and explored the possibilities of building joint laboratory or engineering center and cultivating talents jointly. Furthermore, they discussed how to jointly declare the 2015 numerical-controlled special program and reached an accord that two parties declare the program together in which Chengdu Aircraft Corporation leads the declaration and SWJTU participates in research relevant to craft, machine tool.
      Han Xiong director of numerical control plant of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, engineer Xiong Qingchun, professor Cheng Wenming assistant of head of School of Mechanical Engineering Department, professor Qian Linmao, professor Gao Hongli, professor Fu Pan, professor Ding Guofu, deputy researcher Mo Jiliang joined the talk.



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