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Academic exchange and cooperation between School and 63820 troop of Chinese People’s Liberation Army


    The work summary and academic exchange conference of The research center of Mechanical Engineering Department high-speed structure and structural dynamics was held in the conference room of Mechanical Engineering Department of SWJTU on the morning of April 4th, which was hosted by Guan Qinchuan, the secretary of the party committee of Mechanical Engineering Department.
   Le Jialing, the honorary director of Chinese people’s liberation army 63820 troops, the honorary professor of SWJTU, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of China aerodynamic research and development center, Liu Weixiong the deputy director of Hypersonic Research Center, Zhang Wengui the vice president of SWJTU, Liu Chaohui the deputy director of technology department, Gao Hongli the director of high-speed structure and structural dynamic research center and other relevant personnel attended the conference.
   High-speed structure and structural dynamic research center founded jointly by school of Mechanical Engineering of SWJTU and aspirated hypersonic technology research center of Chinese People’s Liberation army 63820 troops, which launched structure and structural dynamics theory and research of applied technique mainly based on hypersonic aircraft, generator and other ground test equipment.
   The conference aimed to summarize the carried-out work since the foundation of the center and research content in future. At the conference, Director Gao Hongli briefed the achievement accomplished by the center and prospected for the center’s future development. Vice president Zhang Wengui gave high acclaim to the center’s research orientation and achievement and made an emphasis on a deepened cooperation of two parties in order to build an world-class scientific team and national environment platform. On behalf of Hypersonic center, Academician Le Jialing appreciated the work by high-speed structure and structural dynamic research center and expressed the hope to build a world-class scientific team with joint efforts of the two parties. At last, the conference participants had a heated exchange and discussion in terms of cutting-edge techniques of hypersonic aircraft and stuff.

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