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The Kick-off Meeting of National Standard《the evaluation standards of construction contract energy management and conservation》on campus


  The kick-off conference of the project construction national standards ──《the evaluation standards of construction contract energy management and conservation》compiled by SWJTU and the third construction limited company of Guangxi construction group, which also was the first work conference was held in SWJTU on April 4th.
  Wang Guoying the director of standard quota of housing and urban-rural development department of standard specification, Yin Shikui the chief engineer of Sichuan housing and urban-rural development bureau, Zhang Wengui the vice president of SWJTU, Guan Qinchuan the secretary of the party committee of the Mechanical Engineering Department and other people attended the meeting. The representatives of more than ten scientific research institutes and enterprises including Housing and Urban and Rural technology development promotion center, China Academy of Building Research, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chongqing University and Zhongyu Yuanfa construction limited company and Huitong Huacheng also attended the meeting, which was hosted by Tang Yajun the engineer of the Housing and Urban and Rural construction environment and energy-saving specification committee.
  Zhang Wengui addressed on behalf of the chief editing party and thanked the party in charge and the joining editing party for the massive support. Wang Guoying proposed demands upon compiling of the specification, who wished the compiling group to continue delving into the process and try to finish compiling work in association with procedure as soon as possible. Yin Shikui also spoke at the conference.
  The chief editor of , construction environment and energy engineering department’s Professor Yuan Yanping made a briefing at length in terms of standards compiling background, preliminary work progress and editing scheme. Hao Bin the head of construction energy conservation of housing and urban-rural development of science and technology development center, Zhan Changhong the professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Xiao Yimin the associate professor of Chongqing University, Cao Yong the senior engineer of China Academy of Building Research made relevant suggestions about compiling work of the specification.         The attending representatives made a deep discussion about the framework of the specification and the main content and made clear the work and assignments of the specification’s compiling.




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