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A Visit to Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University led by Li Yi the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School


     On April 10th and 11th, Li Yi the deputy secretary of the party committee, Yu Nan the secretary of the league committee, Tang Xu the deputy secretary of the league committee, Li Yanmei the undergraduate party secretary, student counselor Yang Huaiyin, Liu Jinming, Xiao Yunxia and others visited Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. They had a deep communication with relevant personnel in charge in school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University and in school of mechanical and power engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in terms of systematic development of student counseling work, team building of student counseling and so forth.
On April 10th, Wang Xiaoying the deputy secretary of party committee, Xiang Shufang the secretary of league committee and Yan Xiaolong the deputy secretary of league committee respectively introduced their school’s “one across multiple downs” special deployment of student counseling work, development of league building after the separation of undergraduates into two campuses and how to make efficient use of online platform to improve postgraduate’s ideological and political work in the conference room of School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University. In the following exchange, two deputy secretaries of party committee discussed deeply on issues such as front-end cultivation of student leaders and party members, job market expansion of mechanical subjects and “heart-oriented” methods in job-seeking work. Yang Huaiyin introduced the operating mechanism of job-seeking workshop in our school. And Li Yi summarized that our school lacks in focus on female students and student’s psychological education compared to that in the school of Zhejiang University.
      On April 11th, Li Yi and his party went to the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and had a talk with staff in charge of student counseling work. Gu Xiyao the person in charge of student counseling work there introduced the team building of counselors in their school, student’s work concept, work characteristics and SWOT analysis. Tao Xiaohong the deputy secretary of party general branch introduced the work content of party building ”use the brain to the heart”, Guo Li the head of postgraduate ideological and political office introduced how to blend education of ritual, education of university history, education of safety, education of career, formative education and education of honesty together in new student education when they enrolled and the system of new student temporary chairman and house committee. Ruan Haitao the supervisor of career development center introduced their school’s measures of exploiting and using alumni resource to promote job seeking and student’s several tools such as《career world exploration handbook》,《career development handbook》,《graduate recommendation and propaganda handbook》. Wu Chao the secretary of league committee introduced distinctive work of their school such as science and innovation work of academic contest with regard to grade, the foundation of school-wide venture fund, the building of academic tutoring room in the park. Lin Xiujuan the supervisor of student affair introduced the overall evaluation system of undergraduate scholarships and grants. At the meeting, Li Yi, Yu Nan, Tang Xu, Li Yanmei and others had a exchange and interaction with the other party with regard to such issues as the setting of full-time counselor post, the allocation of class and dormitory per student’s interest, series activities of graduates, culling of party members. After the meeting, Li Yi and his party also visited the student activity center and student workshop of School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In addition, they also had a meeting with graduates of class of 2013 who study there free of grad school entrance exam.
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