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Cornell University welcomes SWJTU students



In order to extend SWJTU students’ horizon, strengthen their international competitiveness, by implementing the University’s international strategy, according to the agreement between SWJTU and Cornell University. August 15, 2012, three undergraduate students from civil engineering programs including CUI Jian from School of Civil Engineering, and YI Da and CHU Kaijuan from Mao Yisheng School selected by the University have begun their study on Cornell campus. It is the first time that SWJTU students participating in student exchange program to Cornel University.
Three SWJTU students joint in Cornel freshmen sessions and Chinese students meeting when they arrived on Cornel campus. They expressed that they will value the study and living experience on Cornel University.
Additionally, a study tour group with 35 SWJTU undergraduate students also paid visit to Cornel University in this summer. Mr. Alan Paul held a presentation for SWJTU students to welcome their visit and introduce basic information of Cornel University.
As one important member of Ivy League, Cornel University has played a significant role in improving China’s modern higher education. Due to close academic relationship and traditional friendship with Cornel University, SWJTU has been horned as “East Cornel”. There are seven Cornel alumni served as SWJTU presidents. At the early beginning of China’s opening and reform, then President of Cornel University paid visit to SWJTU and signed agreement with SWJTU. Since then, two university opened the new age for Sino-America cooperation in engineering education.
September 2011, SWJTU President CHEN Chunyang visited Cornel University. This visit re-launched SWJTU’s cooperation with Cornel University and re-established the bilateral relationship and friendship with Cornel. This visit also means a lot to the cooperation between SWJTU major academic programs with Cornel University. The cooperation with Cornel University is symbolic to SWJTU for the implementation of its international cooperation with world-wide outstanding universities.
Civil engineering is one of the oldest programs at SWJTU. Building up a international brand of high level civil engineering program is the priority target for SWJTU School of Civil Engineering’s international strategy. In recent years, thanks to the close cooperation with Cornel University, Northwest University, Oklahoma State University, Technical University of Munich, ?cole Centrale, Waseda University, SWJTU students from civil engineering program have closely engaged with international outstanding universities.
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