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Summer Program: Students engaged with overseas university



June 7 to August 9, Mao Yisheng School from Southwest Jiaotong University organized a study tour to the United States.
This activity is initiated by the University’s International Affairs Office. As a leading member in international higher education development, Oklahoma State University (OSU) is the partner for this activity in the United States.
During the visit, 18 excellent students from Mao Yisheng School experienced the cultural difference and study environment in America. For instance, SWJTU students took academic and language courses visited OSU Honor College, OSU School of Engineering and also participated in local community volunteer activities.  
On the closing ceremony, Ms. Lou Watkins, OSU board member highly praised the performance of SWJTU students. This activity is one important step of implementing SWJTU international strategy. The University will continue to pay more attention on improving students’ international horizon.
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